Failed to login to Globe

Pay attention! The following is the situation on the PC/server where Clickker is installed, which also has an installation of Exact Globe workstation running. The following needs to be checked and resolved in this case.

  • The MAC address of the PC/server has been changed.
    Unter anderem kann es aufgrund eines Neustarts dazu kommen, dass dem PC/Server, auf dem Clickker läuft, dynamisch eine neue MAC-Adresse zugewiesen wird. You can observe this when logging into Exact Globe on the server where Clickker is running and navigate to System – HR & Security – Workstations. If you see a button labeled “Add Services,” it indicates the change in MAC address.
  • Solution:
    Right-click on the shortcut of Exact Globe on that PC/server and select “Run as administrator.” Then, go to the menu path System – HR & Security – Workstations, and click on the “Add Services” button. The button will then change to “Remove Services,” and if there was nothing displayed on the screen, it will remain empty.
    globe werkstations -
  • The Exact Globe workstation installation on the machine where Clickker is running cannot be started due to user profile damage
    .strong In most cases, you will encounter a fatal error or runtime error message, and Exact Globe will not be launched.


    Delete any random DLL file in the BIN directory of this Exact client, and then execute the wupdate.exe file located in the same directory. By doing so, the Exact client will be updated again, and the Windows registry will also be updated.
  • A recent update of Exact has been implemented.
    The Exact Globe workstation installation needs to be launched once after the update to ensure that the client itself is also updated.
  • The Exact Entity service is not running on the machine where Clickker is running.


    You can start the service named “Exact Entity Service” by following these steps: Press the Windows key on your keyboard or click on the Start button, Type “services.msc” in the search bar and press Enter or click on the “Run” option, The Services window will open, Scroll down or use the search function to locate the “Exact Entity Service” in the list of services, Right-click on “Exact Entity Service” and select “Start” from the context menu. The service will start running. Please note that administrative privileges may be required to start or stop services on your machine. This could be a result of a reboot of the PC/server.

In the example below, the Exact Entity Service is not started because the Status field is not filled.

services windows -

  • There is no SQL user on the database server with the name “Baco”
    This concerns an Exact system user that is required for custom connections. This can be recreated as an SQL user (not a domain user) where the password may not expire. User: Baco and password: JustDoIt!
  • User rights in administration/application pool IIS
    The user linked to the Application Pool/Application Group used by the Clickker website in IIS (Internet Information Services) has no rights (anymore) with the same user name in Exact Globe.

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