Everything linked Exact,
no expensive licenses

With Clicker you can connect your Exact software in no time with the web We can do this for you easily, but we also offer tools to do this yourself.

An API solution for Exact Software

Exact forms a stable base for customers; But does not always offer te complete solution for issues from customers. Customers are searching more and more an additional solution, which must be integrated with the software of Exact. However the integration with Exact is dificult and expensive.

Develop an easy and secure integration tool for Exact Software.

For end-users of Exact who wants to integrate a external cloud application. Developers who want to integrate their own developed software with Exact. Cloud application suppliers who want to link with Exact. How does it work?

To release this we have developed an API that can be used for both Exact Online and Exact Globe. Last mentioned is unique because Exact doesn’t offer an API. How does the API Work?

The advantages of Clickker

Easy, quick and secure integration

Standardization + Rest API compliant

Exact version independent

Exact Globe+ proof

Developer friendly wiht clear documentation

Eenvoudige, snelle en veilige integratie

Use the possibility of all kinds of extra benefits that Exact does not offer

Better security

More than 25 standard couplings available

Advised by Exact Software

Clickker implementation step-by-step plan

First choose your wanted variant. Is integration needed with Exact Globe or Exact Online. Also it is possible to use both. This is also possible in our concept.

Sense Cloud delivers an API key to activate or install your Clickker

  • Analyses which data needs to flow from Exact to another application of vice versa We first look if there already is a standard flow for the application to be linked.
  • If neccessary we can develop a flow. Volstaat de standaard flow dan kan deze direct ingezet worden.
  • We already offer a few standard links standaard koppelingen.

U can start testing and if everything is according to plan we can put the Clickker flow live

If your organisation wants to have an API integration with Exact Globe the Connectivity client module of Exact is neccessary.

To keep it simple we offer 2 options

Exact Globe

Exact Online

Need help?

Are you not quite sure what is the best solution to integrate with Exact? Feel free to contact us. We would like to help you making the correct choice.