Why Clickker?

Everything linked Exact.

De wereld is snel aan het veranderen. IT technology plays a crucial role in responding to this. An all-encompassing ERP system is no longer sufficient nowadays.


When applying a best-of-breed strategy on your application landscape, what does it mean?

Best-of-Breed means that you choose the best possible software solution for every scope.

For example a CRM application from one supplier for your sales department and a WMS application for your warehouse of another supplier.

What are the consequences when you choose to implement such a strategy

It means in most cases that many standard applications appear in your application landscape. It is necessary to integrate these applications. And that is where Clickker comes into play. Clickker takes care that this can be done in a quick and secure way. This can be done by deployment of technology that is used frequently.

By this your organisation benefits from the following advantages:
  • Standardization of Exact tasks
  • Always up-to-date without extra charges
  • Supporting Exact Globe Next and Exact Gobe+
  • Cheap for a fixed amount each month
  • Quick implementation is possible
  • Multi-purpose (several applications per Exact license)
  • Flexibilty by retrieving all sorts of data
  • Much less dependent of a Exact consultant!

The most important thing is that your organisation can anticipate on changes on the market with the combination of Clickker and Exact.

Everyone wants this, right?

The movie below explains the concept of Clickker