Why Clickker?

An API solution for Exact Software

Connecting with Exact software is still big a challenge. Especially integrating with Exact Globe is a complex story. The challenge of Exact Globe is the fact that it doesn’t have an API. Within Exact Globe there are more possibilities to integrate (CSV, XML, SDK, Entity Services), However these methods are far from ideal. Not every method supports all actions within Exact. This makes it very difficult.


With Clickker we take care that there is only one point of contact for all actions. As a result, you no longer have to find out what is and what is not possible. We decided to develop a REST API for Exact Globe. This REST API is carefully documentated (API documentation).

Error logging

Besides that we also paid lots of attention to the logging. With this we can examine quickly what’s the problem.


Clickker uses a REST API in combination with a HTTPS connection. By this you are ensured of a secure connection between the applications. Also it is possible with Clickker to assign a dedicated port to link with the application.

Own connection

Most important of all that you can make your own integration using Clickker When integrating with Exact Online there are limitations set by Exact Software. Restricting limitations Advantage of Exact Globe is that there are no limits applicable.

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